Sewer Cleaning and Hydro Jetting

Snaking a sewer line can open the pipe up by making a hole in the roots and get the water to drain but it does not clean the pipe or open it to it’s full original size. In Ohio we get roots in the sewer that can be as thick as the size of your little finger, it takes a high powered jetter to remove these roots. Also the jetter can clean the pipe to make it clear if there are any cracks or breaks that could not be seen before. There are a lot of names for Hydro Jetting like Jetting, Hydro Clean, Jet Clean, etc.

“Will Jetting my sewer fix sewer problems” No it does not repair faults in a bad sewer but many times just doing the jetting will clean the line up enough to extend it’s life.”  How long does Jetting my sewer take” Most sewers are jetted completely within 1-3 hours.

We have a Jetter that can do the largest Sewer and Storm Drains in Commercial Factories to the smallest line found in a home. One call to Campbell Plumbing is all that is needed.

There are many uses for a Jetters. We often Clean failed full of mudd House Foundation Drain tiles also called Footing Drains. This removes the mudd and can sometimes stop basement flooding saving the super high costs needed to install and excavate a new footing drain system. We can also Jet your Sump Pump line that may be full of Iron deposits.

“Hydro-jetting Or Jetting is the only process that can actually clean your sewer and drain lines.”

Have Your Drains Jet Cleaned by Campbell Plumbing

Besides our large Jetter pictured above we can modify it for smaller household lines like kitchens, these do a great job on grease! Snaking grease is also not very effective because the grease just acts like pancake batter and seals around the cable not really doing very much. Pressure washing the pipes from the inside used to be done only by big cities but the technology has been adopted to be used in homes now.

Some questions customers asked us are “Will the Jetter damage my pipes?” No the only time that could happen is if the pipe was just plain ready to fall apart anyway do to age.

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