Stop Sewage Backups with Backwater Valve

A simple but revolutionary extendable backwater valve that eliminates the need for expensive and unsightly manholes regardless of the burial depth.

  • Complies with the requirements of IAPMO/UPC, ICC, IPC & CSA Standards
  • Easy to perform maintenance & inspection from ground level
  • Capable of handling back pressure up to 75 psi

NO costly manhole.

NO more indoor backwater valves which could be hidden by cabinets, stairwells or floor coverings.

NO more sewer gas or mess inside a building during maintenance inspection

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Stop Floor Drain Backups with Flood-Guard

Flood-Guard operates like a check valve to seal off water back-up caused by overloaded sewers. Water flows normally through the drain until the sewer begins to back up. Then the Flood-Guard float rises to seal off the drain opening until the water recedes.

A screwdriver and a couple of minutes are all you need to install a Flood-Guard. Once in place, it can prevent property damage and a very messy clean-up job.

For extreme, extended pressure (for instance, where homemade seals have popped out of the line,) we recommend our standpipe models. The 4″ Standpipe Flood-Guard is threaded to receive 1-1/2″ IPS pipe. On the 3″ model, the pipe is slipped through the rubber gasket before the screws are fully tightened.

Gaskets are made of molded rubber, and all metal parts are plated or stainless steel.

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