Frozen Pipes & Frozen Lines - 24 Hour Emergency Service

When you discover frozen pipes in your home or business immediate service is crucial. Frozen and bursting pipes are a leading cause of major property damage in cold climates like Ohio. It’s amazing that something as simple as pipes that are frozen can cost you serious dollars but it happens every winter.

Here is an unedited video clip of the thawing machine in use. As you can see with Campbell Plumbing and the right tools, we can help you with your next freeze up!

If you discover pipes are frozen in your house or business act fast and call Campbell Plumbing and Heating. We use professional thawing techniques and equipment to minimize our time while thawing pipes. Campbell Plumbing and Heating knows how to help, we’ve been thawing pipes for years. We offer 24 hour emergency pipe thawing service.

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